December 2021 Horoscopes


Happy birthday, Sagittarius! It’s your month until the 21st with Mercury in Sagittarius until the 13th while Mars enters Sagittarius that same day. We have a solar eclipse on the new moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd that brings some intense energy which will have you yearning for much needed personal space. It seems as though you’ve been in the limelight since the first lunar eclipse of the year in May 2021 which likely has you wanting to retreat and escape for a bit. Try not to take things too personally at holiday gatherings even though you may be feeling pressure to live up to others’ expectations. 

Lots of Capricorn energy this month provides a solid basis for finishing the year strong. The past year has brought you increased finances and a stellar reputation that qualifies you for career benefits and much needed time off. You’ll likely experience the success of keen negotiations once Mercury enters Capricorn on the 13th, just be careful not to be too blunt in your communication. Start your vacation before Venus in Capricorn stations retrograde on the 19th which may cause tension in your relationships at home and work.

Try to live a life of peace and joy this season by staying away from others’ conflicts. The beginning of the month has you obsessing over getting everything done up until Mars moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 13th. After this transition, you should be feeling more excitement and adventure. As an Aquarian, you’re usually impulsive and detached, finding it hard to adapt to the expectations of family obligations around the holidays. Just be sure to remove yourself or take some deep breaths to get you through the compulsory reunions.

You will be feeling more clearheaded and aligned when Neptune in Pisces stations direct on the 1st. This increased sensitivity paired with the flexibility that Sagittarius season brings will have you flowing through the holidays. When Mercury enters Capricorn on the 13th, it’s a good time to reflect on your previous year and set goals for the next. Imagine what you’d like to achieve over the next year and create a plan to get there. Try to stay away from negativity that you can absorb from other people. If you focus on yourself you should be fine and in good health.

Go easy this month as it will likely be quite intense with the Sagittarius solar eclipse energy on the night of December 3rd and Gemini full moon on the 18th. You may have a lot of feelings you’ve built up from the past year arise all at once. Try to go with the flow and not get too fired up about anything. You could feel nervousness about spending time with relatives and those who may question your lifestyle choices around the holidays so self care to destress is important. 

We all know slow and steady wins the race and that’s exactly how December is going for you. You’ll be well prepared for the holidays tying up loose ends at the beginning of the month so you can enjoy carefree celebrations with friends and family towards the latter half. With a lot of earthy energy towards the end of the month thanks to Mercury, Venus, and the Sun moving into Capricorn, you should be feeling grounded and in a relaxed mental state. You’re prone to overindulge so just take caution you’re not enjoying yourself too much!

You are a source of joy for many people this month as you attend different social gatherings. It’s easy for you to stay positive with the holiday spirit and you’ll be floating on cloud nine with all the love and comradery you contribute to. It’ll be hard for you to sit still with all of the excitement! Try to conserve your energy to avoid burnout. By the Gemini full moon on the 18th you may be feeling all over the place and will need something strong to ground you. 

December brings a heightened sensitivity to nearby energies so be cautious with whom you spend your time. You’ll enjoy caring for those around you but want to be sure to give your energy to the friends and family that make you feel your best. Your subconscious feelings are heightened by Neptune stationing direct in Pisces on the 1st so go easy on yourself if it seems like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster. Try to maintain holiday cheer to deal with the ups and downs. 

You are on fire this month, Leo! The solar eclipse on the 3rd followed by Mars entering Sagittarius on the 13th will give you a lot of energy. So much so, you may have lots of ideas and an enhanced imagination that keeps you from falling asleep. As you share your excitement for life with those you come into contact with, many people will appreciate being in your company. It’s easy for you to focus on others’ needs which will be beneficial for your romantic and family relationships. 

Enjoy your hard work paying off this month as you’ll have time to spend on some peaceful, creative activities that are good for you. You may be a bit more introspective and focused on creating a strong foundation for the start of the new year. Neptune stationing direct on the 1st will help clear up communication and promote a deeper connection with your partner or someone whose relationship has been troubling. Spending time with loved ones in a comfortable space will help you recover and reflect on your previous year that was filled with lots of transitions.

You are in good health and feeling happy about spending time with friends and family over the holidays. Many opportunities for you to share loving gestures, celebratory events, and general benevolence make you feel warm and fuzzy. There may be quarrels that arise but you’ll be able to navigate them with ease thanks to your diplomatic conduct. Don’t let the idea that another year has passed get you down, instead focus on the year ahead which should be a good one for you. A reflective activity like journaling or chatting with your BFF is a great way to think of how far you’ve come and what you want for the coming year. 

Mars in Scorpio until the 13th will have you buzzing around with untouchable energy in the beginning of the month. This may have you feeling restless however you will not be lacking in motivation just try to be patient with those that aren’t on your level. Your intuition will be on point following Neptune stationing direct in Pisces on the 1st, however this may relate to you being a bit more emotional than usual. Many Scorpios will enjoy a well deserved bonus or payout this month so don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something special!