Birthday Predictions Solar Return Report

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Whether using astrology to find the best day to get married, get a feel for your year in anticipation for big changes like a move / business venture, or want to get this package as a gift, you won't be disappointed with the depth of knowledge gained by our solar return report!   A solar return report Learn what each planet has in store for you in the coming year as each is reviewed in relation to your natal chart showcasing featured positions.  Get a fine tuned report detailing most opportune locations and which to avoid, a list of daily transits and regressions to pay attention to, and how to digest all the prediction tools in this package that will help you reach greater clarity in all that you do! 

  • Interpretations of planets in signs, houses, and aspects
  • Review of solar return planets in conjunction with natal planets
  • Future fortune outlined at major cities around the world
  • One year's predictions of daily events