The stars have aligned to present to you a unique opportunity to know yourself in deeper ways than you ever have before.  Celebrate by reaching new levels of self awareness, wearing it with pride on comfortable clothing or home goods custom made with your unique astrological birth chart. 

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meet the StarbornS

✧・Allow us to introduce ourselves・✧   Learn about Margaux and J. Starborn, the couple responsible for Starborn Patterns.  Thank you for supporting our dream!

Charity effortS

Our passion for giving to one self is balanced by giving to others.  With every purchase, we donate $1 to One Tree Planted from our profit.  This is enough to plant a tree towards remediation efforts!  

aStrology reportS

Learn about our four different personalized 20-30 page astrology reports to choose from; birth chart analysis, family dynamics, compatibility, and solar return.