March 2022 Horoscopes

Your life is sunshine and rainbows in March with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd is perfect for prosperous new beginnings. Venus and Mars entering Aquarius on the 5th provide a dream state of romantic harmony for any current relationships or those on the horizon. Empathy and generosity are powerful tools for you this month. Be careful not to overextend yourself as you tend to do. Make sure to follow your feelings and you’ll be confident in your decisions.  

With all the Aquarius energy in the air, you’ll be feeling more fired up than usual and may fluctuate in your feels. Many of these Aquarius planets are in your solar seventh house of partnerships so you may be extra sensitive where you bounce between feeling the love but also have disagreements with friends and lovers. This month is good for business especially if you speak up in regards to what you want, recognition and respect will come your way.  

This month brings you security and courage to move through new experiences, especially when it comes to self development. Overall, March is a month of progress. It’s a great time to release anything that’s been holding you back, especially with the new moon on March 2nd. Your finances are looking good and it’s a favorable time to plan out large costly projects like refinancing loans or making a new investment. You’ll feel sociable so it’s also a good time to network and put yourself out there.

Things flow easily to you this month, Gemini. The new moon on the 2nd highlights your solar tenth house of success bringing you organizational direction. You’ll have the strength and motivation to work towards your destiny with Venus and Mars entering Aquarius on the 5th. This brings lots of fresh ideas at work and home making it a great time to plan your next career move or a fun, creative experience to share with loved ones. Be cautious of overexerting yourself, especially physically.

March is a peaceful month for you Cancer. Your creative juices are flowing especially when it comes to communication when Mercury moves into Pisces on the 9th. It’s a really good time to journal or write as you’ll be extra inspired. Don’t worry if you’re feeling reclusive in the beginning of the month, you’ll bounce back once Spring Equinox and Aries season hits on the 20th. You’ll easily be able to get back to your routine by the end of the month.

You are confident and assertive this month as your enthusiasm arouses a lot of positive attention your way. It is easy to communicate and you’re able to take on anything that comes your way. Focus on being concise and express support, those around you will cherish you for it. Friends and colleagues find your attention to detail helpful and when used wisely, it will help strengthen your relationships. You may find yourself especially irritable around the Virgo full moon on the 18th. Keep your impatience in check to stay in your happy place.

March is a productive month for you especially kicking off with the new moon in Pisces in your solar seventh house of partnerships on the 2nd. You’ll be on point to absorb and process information, keeping you at a high capacity for work. It’s a creative time that brings an abundance of new and valuable ideas. Your diplomacy is recognized for mediating situations at home and at work. Take it easy around the full moon in Virgo on the 18th which could feel quite heavy and leave you drained.

A busy month is ahead for you. It’s a time of transformation where you can use the springtime energy to make impactful changes to your personal life. As we move from airy Aquarius to emotional Pisces in Mercury on the 9th, you might feel sudden mood changes that you are quick to express. You might find yourself easily upset by taking things personally especially in the workplace. Taking extra time at home for yourself to relax will help you stay level headed everywhere else.

The Pisces new moon on the 2nd in your solar fifth house joins Jupiter in Pisces to kickstart your month with enthusiastic expansion towards reaching your goals. Neptune also in the solar fifth house helps you get your flirt on as your intuition is heightened in creative expression with a seductive Scorpio twist. This month, new social connections are headed your way but it’s important to share your feelings with those that make you feel safe and relaxed. Your physical and mental health are very connected during this time so if you feel mentally unstable, try a physical relief.

March is a very optimistic month for you where home and family are your focus. It will feel good to redecorate or renovate your home and you may even feel drawn to throwing a party. You’ll be very popular this month and find yourself sharing humor and positivity with others. Mercury entering Pisces on the 9th makes you especially empathetic to helping others. It’s a great time to dream about your future and what you want to work towards. 

Relationships feel hopeless as you may feel like you’ll never find the one. Otherwise, if you’re in a relationship, there could be disappointment. With all the Pisces energy, you’re just extra emotional so try not to let negativity take over in times of despair. Instead, focus on creative activities working towards a productive project which will keep you occupied. Uranus could cause some unexpected situations this month. The good news is you’ll still be crushing it at work and in your finances.

Your body may be tired, but thanks to Mercury, your mind is sharp and ready to absorb anything you want to learn. You’ll find yourself very curious and eager to explore your thoughts. It’s a great month to connect with family and reminisce about the good old days, especially with siblings. Your communication will be on point to lift those around you up and support teammates, or help others bounce back if they’ve been going through it.