September 2022 Horoscopes

Your birthday season has you feeling large and in charge! You are very generous this month and your desire to help others is strong. Thanks to the influence of Venus moving into Virgo on the 4th, you are focused on others’ needs and being a provider for them. Overall, you will have a lot of social endeavors and will enjoy being quite extroverted. Be cautious of having too high expectations for those you love. Remember, no one is perfect! As there are 5 planets in retrograde by the 9th of September, go with the flow and try not to take things too seriously.

You’re feeling in your element, as we start the month with Mercury in Libra and have the Sun and Venus moving into Libra at the end of the month. Your energy is outgoing and activated, especially with Mars in Gemini keeping you occupied with doing all the things. This transit is mentally, physically, and sexually energizing for you. Socializing takes up a lot of your time as you flutter from events and outings charming everyone with your poise and grace. When Venus enters Libra on the 29th you’ll be drawn to anything that entices the senses. 

This month is a bit tumultuous especially when it comes to matters of the heart. You are occupied by relationship goals and if single may be tempted by a forbidden flirtation. You won’t shy away from complex or complicated relationships. There may be some inner dilemmas in which you come across as cold but are craving sex and romance. It’s easy to stay calm and keep your feelings to yourself which is bolstered by a strong streak of independence. Give yourself some time alone to think about what you really want.

You’re leading the pack this month whether that be at home with family or work with colleagues. Spending time with people will energize you as they look up to your encouragement and guidance. You’re easily able to inspire cooperation and teach others. Be cautious of making new plans while Mercury is in retrograde starting on the 9th. Instead, it’s a good time to tackle things you’ve been working on in your relationships either with friends, family, or a partner. Just be sure to communicate clearly and positively to avoid misunderstandings.

We all know that you can handle a high performance workload but be cautious of doing too much this month. You may have taken on extra responsibilities to cover for others which will lead to your own priorities piling up. Although it feels like you’re stuck and unmotivated, you just need to slow down and make a plan to take care of things one at a time. Start by thinking about what you want during the full moon in Pisces on the 10th. You’ll feel better once you prioritize what’s most important for reaching your goals. If you feel down, don’t focus on the past but look forward instead.

This month you are distracted by connecting with potential partners and celebrating your sexual freedom. It feels like you’re all over the place and you may come across as unreliable. Due to your charming nature, your friends and family will understand. This month is not a time to make any long term serious decisions. Just have fun and go with the flow. You get bored easily so follow your instincts if you’re losing interest. Try your best not to hurt anyone in the process of exploring.

Virgo directly opposes Pisces so things may feel a bit off this month or like you can’t catch a break. Think of these inconveniences as contrast to help you practice gratitude what is often taken for granted. September 10th is the full moon in Pisces which is a great time to reach for your dreams and shed anything that no longer serves you. Overall, you’ll want to prioritize your health and wellness as things can feel stressful. You are prone to depression so finding a friend to vent with can be helpful.

As we are transitioning through Virgo season, you feel energized and gassed up. It’s a social month involving parties, reunions, vacation, and visits with loved ones. Things are going smoothly and it’s easy not to let conflicts bring you down. It feels like a fresh beginning with a lot of excitement for the future. Mercury stations retrograde on September 9th, so be cautious of miscommunications and change of plans. No matter, you’re able to approach challenges boldly and confidently this month! It’s a great time to settle down with someone, especially as Venus moves into Libra on the 29th. You’ll have no problem making those around you feel good.

Things feel heavy and it’s fatiguing you. With so many planets in fire and air signs it’s no wonder you’re approaching burnout! You have a lot of decisions to make and the potential outcomes are creating excessive thinking that is wearing you out. Don’t worry about your problems, instead surrender and know that better days are ahead. Try to stay positive. Spending time outside will help you recover from the long days and nights. You may not feel like socializing with others but reaching out to family or friends could help motivate you.

With all the excitement of Summer and your high drive for hustle, your to do list likely feels like it’s never ending. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed this month. Instead of adding things to the list, try to focus on cleaning up what’s already been started. We know you get bored easily, but now is the time to slow down and reflect on your priorities. Especially as Mercury stations retrograde in Libra on September 9th causing communication issues and technical delays. Although you’ll feel like being a social butterfly, you need some relaxing alone time to recharge your energy.

You are needing connection and reassurance this month, Cancer. The Pisces full moon on the 10th has you longing for closeness. Use this sensitive energy to dream about your ideal partnership or friendships. You may feel withdrawn due to insecurities. Try not to let your emotions dictate your actions and if you’re upset take some time to withdraw from the situation. The best thing to do is to focus on loving yourself and finding inner peace. Don’t depend on an emotional attachment with someone else to make you feel better, as this could result in rejection and heartbreak.

You are still reveling in the easy energy that is flowing your way in September. It’s a great time to enjoy the sunshine with a trip that will energize you for the rest of the year. Although others around you may be stressed, you handle any challenges with ease and provide support to close loved ones in need. You are feeling stimulated and find yourself developing your creative endeavors such as making music, cooking, and any artistic expression that you’re drawn to. It’s a good time to make things that you may have been putting off.