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Although you will be sensitive and sometimes irritable this month, you are on fire with the perfect setup for success. As Venus in Aries transitions to Taurus on the 16 th , you go from exploring impulsive flirtatious connections to feeling more passionate about everything that you enjoy. Mercury entering Aries on the 18th may make you more aggressive and hotheaded but sets the stage for creative ideas that arise in a spontaneous spark of inspiration. These transits create space for a fresh start in any stale situations or suffering relationships. By the time the sun moves into your sign at the end of the month, you will be feeling in your element!

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Big things are happening for you this month Taurus. You will have the courage to face anything that has been holding you back for a long time. Use the full moon in Virgo energy on the 7th to shed anything you are ready to leave behind. With an abundance of Aries energy in the air promoting new experiences, it’s a time for you to break out of your comfort zone and overcome any obstacles that have been in your way. You’ll also feel very sociable and feel more confident to branch out, you might meet someone interesting. With Venus entering Taurus on the 16th your senses will be heightened and you feel everything very deeply so enjoy!

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This month, your energy is high and you are getting excited for the year to come. Everything comes easy to you and you will be inspired to try new things. Just try not to begin too many projects as some may be abandoned due to your fleeting interest. The creative ideas are flowing and you have motivation to take the initiative in planning your future. It’s as if you are awakening from a period of hibernation so try to ease into this more active lifestyle to avoid any injuries. It’s a great time to research and schedule some trips through the rest of the year. 

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You are experiencing success and others around you are noticing. Some may want to take advantage of this. Try not to offer favors to those you can’t trust as they likely won’t return to you and preserve your finances. Keep to yourself and you will feel your best. Take time to rest and relax as you are prone to colds and fatigue this month. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything important by staying in. This peace may give you the opportunity to come up with something new. Especially as Saturn and Mercury enters Pisces in the beginning of the month, you feel more in your creative flow.

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You are fired up this month thanks to Venus, Mercury, and the Sun moving into Aries. Your enthusiasm is high and you are able to pass this along to those around you so that everyone takes interest in what you’re presenting. Your communication and sense of humor attracts a lot of positive attention. This month is successful and you will excel in anything that you put your mind to. On the flip side be cautious of overassertiveness and irritability when others aren’t performing at your level. You may find yourself acting impulsively and if you don’t think it through, it could get you into trouble.

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You are staying busy this month and learning a lot of new things. Work is the main focus and you pour a lot of your energy into performing. You have a lot of beneficial ideas but need to be cautious of how you share them. Try not to be intrusive and plan out how you can introduce new systems with the support of your colleagues. March 7th on the Virgo Full Moon is a great time to recalibrate to your goals. Consider where you are directing your energy and how you are treating yourself and others. Avoid overworking yourself to stay grounded.

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This is a month of transformation for you Libra. If you’ve been craving change and feeling stagnant now is the time to do something about it. Although you may have sudden bursts of anxiety, calm yourself and try not to worry. It’s important to do things that keep you mentally well or you may find yourself getting easily upset. Don’t take things personally, you are just going through a transition and will find your way. You are likely to invest yourself into something new that you really enjoy. You got this!

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Scorpios are seeking comfort and safety this month as there are a lot of astrological changes with conflicting energies. Although there is an abundance of planets in water signs there are also a lot in fire signs and you are pulled in different directions that can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Surround yourself with trusted  people that you can open up to and this will make you feel much better. Otherwise, you can end up in a temporary depression or melancholy state. You can also find a creative activity to express yourself.

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You are set to have a great month Sagittarius! You exude self confidence and positive energy which attracts a lot of adoration from those around you. Friends and loved ones will want to soak up time with you so you will have a very full calendar of social events. You’ll find that people are asking for your advice. You are feeling especially empathetic and helping them will be easy for you. It is a great time to plan out your future, especially if you’ve been pondering a big change. Working backwards from your long term goals will help you make your next moves.

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Your relationships are in question as you ponder whether you’ve made the right decisions. Things may feel a bit awry for you especially when Saturn enters Pisces on the 7th until 2026. You are ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline. Yet when in Pisces this energy is more free flowing and creative, forcing you to think outside the box. It may be difficult to find your footing at first because you identify with structure but ultimately it will lead to more freedom for you. Especially if you can use this energy to let go of the past that’s holding you back. Use the energy of the Virgo full moon on the 7th to get over the hump.

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Your mental game is strong this month although you may be feeling physically low in energy. Use this peaceful  period to sort your thoughts and lay the foundation for accomplishing your goals. Take little steps towards solving long term obstacles while your mind is primed for finding solutions. Approaching things with curiosity and wonder will feel good and bring you positive results. It’s a great time to dive into something new especially if it’s been something on your list that’s been challenging in the past. With Pisces energy stimulating your spirit, your ability to meditate and pray is enhanced.

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It’s still your season until March 20th, and you are feeling confident and generous. Overall, you are in a good mood this month, despite your emotions being a little messy. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Follow your heart and address things as they arise to avoid hurt feelings due to you ignoring issues for too long. You are in the flow and will be in tune with your communication making relating to others very easy. Use this to your advantage by spending time with friends, family, and lovers to strengthen your connection. The more supportive you are to others, the more it will come back to you in positive ways.

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