November 2022 Horoscopes

Expect a shake up around the 8th during the last lunar eclipse of the year in Taurus. Eclipses signal the transitions that Scorpios thrive in such as endings, revelations, and evolution. As Scorpio season continues, things seem to flow easily for you. There are many auspicious days this month that contribute to your wealth and romance. Your mental capacities are extra sharp and others will enjoy your wit and humor. You communicate well but be cautious of how you present the truth and try not to be brutally honest, serious, or cynical. It’s a great time to use your increased mental energy towards studying and gaining knowledge.

You’re off to a slow start this month and you find it difficult to get things done. Take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. Your family will be a great support system for you. Time in nature will also help you recover to get back on track. Limit attention to electronic devices as much as you can, as this will drain you. Although it’s in your nature to invest in your relationships over your comfort, you should treat yourself. Once Venus enters Sagittarius on the 15th, Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 17th, and the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, you’ll be feeling energized and ready for adventure again!

Capricorns are back in their groove this month with an abundance of creativity and motivational energy. It’s easy for you to appreciate the little things and happiness comes easily. It’s a great time to redecorate or tackle home projects like upgrades or painting. Your life has a healthy balance between work and home. Put your mind at ease and stop overthinking things, just follow your intuition and do what feels right. You may be tempted to impulsively indulge, but we say it’s good to let lose and live a little! Especially since you’re typically the practical spender, it’s not a bad thing to treat yourself every so often when you feel the desire.

Your thoughts are racing as the end of the year is catching up to you, Aquarius. You may find yourself distancing yourself from others to focus on your own feelings. Try not to brood over things too much, overthinking things and questioning your decisions will bring you down a rabbit hole of depression. Don’t focus on your problems or what you haven’t accomplished in 2022. When you’re down, you tend to compensate by making purchases so be cautious of unnecessary spending.  You should spend time with others not to vent but to remind yourself of the amazing support system you have.

You are feeling content this month as the holiday season brings family and friends closer together, something that makes you very happy to be a part of. You are in a nostalgic mood. Your empathy and kindness is prime for giving to others, which you enjoy very much. It’s an ideal time to work on rebuilding any relationships that need special attention. People and situations that usually get under your skin don’t bother you. Your financial situation is stable and you’ve worked hard for what you have so feel free to splurge on something special for yourself.

The month may start off with a bit of friction but lightens up when Sagittarius season rolls around on the 22nd when you feel your flame again. With five planets in water signs at the beginning of November you could feel like you’re being held back from your intrinsic powers. Miscommunications that appear as disagreements or betrayals will rock the boat until Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 17th. Just take it one day at a time and don’t put too much effort into new things. It’s best if you keep to yourself and hone your skills with self-development or mastering a hobby.

The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8th will really rock your world this month! The planets involved are aligning to mix things up and bring about lasting change as Universe recalibrates especially as it relates to finances and security. You may surprise yourself with strong motivation to move forward and let go of outdated ideals from the past. Weigh the pros and cons of any big decisions. This shake up will likely take a toll on your physical health so make sure you spend lots of time doing your favorite thing; relaxing. It may be difficult to concentrate in the wake of these transitions, as you usually like to take your time on big moves. 

Geminis are spreading holiday spirit this month and have the opportunity to attend many social gatherings. This allows you to make a number of valuable connections with interesting people who may have the potential to partner with you on future business endeavors. Be intentional with everything that you say to get the most out of these times. You have the stamina to get a lot done, especially in preparing for the holidays. Dreary weather may get your immune system feeling a bit run down so be sure to take some extra vitamins to keep you feeling great!

Your hard work is paying off this month Cancer! You are determined to reach your goals and steadily tackle things you may have been putting off for a while. Scorpio season provides the motivation and drive to manage more than you normally do with the confidence to match! The downside is that you may be prone to possessive, jealous behavior so just stay focused on yourself. Sleep may be difficult while you’re getting everything done, but make sure to give yourself time to rest. You’ll reach a peak state of health and wellness when Jupiter moves direct in your 6th solar house on the 23rd.  

As the weather cools down and there’s less sunlight, you start to slow down. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 8th can cause some drama in your life so keep a low profile to avoid any misunderstandings. You’ve been on a roll and November is the perfect time to recover your energy before the holidays. You may feel depressed and fatigued. Just take some time to isolate yourself from leading the pack to rest and recover. Your mind and body need a short break. As we enter Sagittarius season on the 22nd, you’ll be feeling fired up and ready to put yourself out there again.

Your mind is sharp this month and you are ready to connect again! After taking a mini-hiatus from the scene, you will easily attract a lot of attention from your friends. Your communication skills are the perfect blend of honesty and support. Many people will enjoy your company and are open to considering your opinions because you deliver them in such an effective way. This helps you excel at work where your colleagues and superiors can’t help but appreciate you. You have the potential to become an inspiration and even a mentor as you comfort those around you with your words.

You are calm, cool, and collected this month. When chaos surrounds you, you’re able to easily navigate supporting others through their problems. Your rational outlook is recognized by friends and colleagues as a strength. Although others are grateful for your advice and ability to handle tough situations with ease, you may not receive the praise you’re looking for. Be patient, it will come! When it comes to issues at home, be cautious of your delivery as your honest messages may have a Scorpio sting to them, especially with loved ones. Take time to think through your approach before you address anything serious in your personal life.