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As we feel the heat of Summer and several planets in fiery Leo, you are warmed up for a fulfilling month. You are feeling energized and up for anything. Let your impulsive nature guide you. When Mercury enters Leo on July 10, take advantage of being the life of the party. You exude confidence and have a lot of charisma. The jokes are hitting and people are captured in your presence. Your humor and charm make them feel comfortable around you. It’s a great month to put yourself out there and try to make new friends or meet a new boo. Now would be the best time to make your move on someone you’ve been crushing on.

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If last month felt like a struggle, this month will be a breeze. Life is effortless and uncomplicated. You feel really comfortable in your skin and with your decisions. It’s easy for you to let go of things that you have no control over. You have a lot of physical energy, spending time outside playing sports or exploring would be the best way to take advantage of it. Just be sure to stay loose to avoid any injuries. You are naturally delighted and will be a strong foundation for friends and family who may need your support. Especially because you are in such a great place, they will look up to you for your positive influence.

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Fateful events are on the horizon whether it be meeting a new love interest or moving forward at work. You’re still riding the high from your birthday last season. Many people are attracted to you which is perfect, because you also feel like putting yourself out there. Your confidence and positivity present exciting new connections. Although you’re feeling great, your mind may be all over the place. Try to stay present so your thoughts don’t snowball into overthinking. You’ll be especially creative this month so try starting an art project to clear your mind.

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Now that it’s your official season, you are feeling your best. You are motivated by an abundance of physical and mental energy. You’ll be very receptive during this time, but also emotionally balanced. People will enjoy spending time with you as your empathetic nature makes them feel validated and loved. With Mercury in Cancer, neverending ideas seem to flow making you a bit restless. Don’t fight it, just enjoy drifting from one thing to the next. On July 17th, the new moon in Cancer will ignite a fresh start for you to commit to a more positive outlook on life. You have more strength than you know!

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This month, take it easy and let life flow. You’re feeling more laid back than usual and find it easy to let go of controlling everything as you normally would. You are still in charge, but take a softer approach. People around you recognize that you’re more empathetic than usual. Your communication skills are strong and you’re especially good at playing the role of an active listener for those that need it. With Mercury, Venus, and Mars all intermittently in Leo this month, things just feel right for you. Be cautious of Venus stationing retrograde in Leo on July 22nd, as fears around love and intimacy may arise. You could also find yourself reverting to an outdated comfort trap. As long as you’re aware of these feelings and try to avoid them, you should be fine!

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In contrast to last month, you are more confident than ever! You feel like you are doing your best at everything thanks to Mars moving into Virgo on July 10th. You just so happen to do the right things at the right times. Just don’t let this give you a big head or you could come off as condescending. You will have to be cautious of being too judgemental this month because of your outstanding performance. You’re crushin’ your personal routine and work projects. Just because you’re killin’ it, doesn’t give you the right to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it. 

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You’re feeling at peace as though you’ve worked through some emotions that have been holding you back. Everything is coming easily and you’re feeling on track again. Work flows seamlessly where it’s felt difficult to get ahead in the past. This gives you extra energy to focus on your relationships. It’s a great month to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while, because you’ll have the extra time to and you’re feeling emotionally balanced. Coming from a place of understanding your journey, instead of fighting it, will bring you the sense of harmony that you’ve been looking for.

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Consider setting bold goals and taking calculated risks to reach your ambitions as you’ll be able to achieve whatever you set your mind to this month. However, be aware of potential power struggles or conflicts with others. Your fixed nature and stubbornness can hold you back from playing nice. It will seem that you have no regard for others because you are so focused on your goals. You are obsessed with your desires this month. Colleagues and acquaintances may envy your success so try to find a diplomatic balance and avoid unnecessary confrontations. Or, puff on a strong, chill strain like Mr. Gelato by The Grower Circle to rise above what others may think and keep doing you.

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This month is successful for you as ideas flow easily and you’re feeling very creative. It’s a good time to start a redecorating project or tend the garden. Your systematic and practical approach benefits your endeavors. Coupled with your strong work ethic and endurance, the fruits of your labor will blossom. It’s easy for you to stay focused on and pursue your goals in comparison to other times that you just feel like being free from your commitments. You may come across as overly absorbed in your life, but that’s just because people are noticing your hustle.

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You have a lot of energy and motivation this month, especially when Mars moves into Virgo on the 10th of July. Although you’re in a peak physical state, drama may find its way to you especially when it involves family. Don’t be surprised if something that you thought was solved comes to the surface again. Due to your tact and judgment, you should be able to rise above and family members will look to you for guiding the way to a solution. You are very good at getting involved, just be cautious of coming across as too pushy. Take some time to focus on yourself so you don’t get too absorbed with others’ problems. 

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It may be best to keep to yourself this month, Aquarius. Relationships will feel challenging. It’s difficult to feel stable and grounded. You are torn between being the star of the show and helping others shine. You have an excess of physical and mental energy. If you don’t tire yourself out, your thoughts will be running wild and people will not like your unstable energy. Confrontations with others may seem frequent and it will make you feel better to distance yourself. Don’t worry, these feelings are just temporary.    

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You have no filter this month which could lead to some conflicts with those who you are closest to. It may surprise you how impulsive your emotions feel. They could come out of the blue and ruin a perfectly fine conversation. This month you will want to take care to ground yourself by spending time in nature or with animals to restore your inner peace. Because you’re so sensitive this month, it’s easy to take things that others say too seriously. Spend time with yourself to avoid unnecessary conflict. 

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