November 2021 Horoscopes

Scorpio season has you excitable and in a frisky mood as you enjoy a ride of transformation. The Scorpio new moon on the 4th is a great time to start fresh with a clean slate and recalibrate your goals. You don’t need to  have all the answers just yet and likely will want to take your time to define a new direction. You communicate well this month and may find yourself sharing entertaining stories or laughs with others. Be cautious of too much honesty and cynicism as not everyone has your same sense of humor.

Although you have been too busy caring about others to focus on yourself, take some mental health days this month to replenish. You may have some issues holding you back from enjoying close relationships so try to find time to work through these feelings for your own wellbeing. Overall, you are feeling quite pleasant this month and have the potential to improve trust with friends and family if you avoid conflict. As the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 21st, you’ll really feel aligned with the goals you set at the beginning of the year.

The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th heralds a social time for you. Followed by Venus moving into Capricorn on the 5th will have you feeling good and wanting to pamper yourself. You’ll be quite content especially as you appreciate the little thing that you may have been too busy to notice before. Things come easily and now is a good time to take advantage of networking opportunities. A business solution will work its way out by the end of the month.

You may be beating yourself up for not reaching your end of year goals, but don’t let it get you down! There is a strong presence of fixed energy this month sparking power struggles and stubbornness so try to be easy on yourself and others. On the other hand, this fixed energy also provides a sense of tenacity and determination. It’s okay to be less social and focused on yourself more. Try to be mindful of the Taurus full moon partial lunar eclipse on the 19th which may have you feeling exasperated.

The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th in your solar ninth house will have you thinking about distant friends, family, and those who you haven’t connected with in a while. Scorpio season heightens your emotions of gratitude. You find yourself pondering how you can show those you love that they are special as you plan holiday gatherings and shop for thoughtful gifts. You’ll even find it easier to connect with those you have differing opinions from. You may be overwhelmed at work but try to prioritize your health and self care. 

As you get used to the change in seasons in the beginning of the month, take your time and don’t put too much effort into things. You’ll experience boosts of mental energy as the month progresses, infused with new inspiration. It’s a great time to review your finances and dive deep into any issues that need to be worked out. Your solar eighth house is highlighted, motivating investigation and research. Calm your impulses while you’re problem solving. When Sagittarius season hits on the 21st, you’ll be ready for the energized, impulsive lifestyle you love!

Be prepared for a surprise this month which can come in the form of unexpected news or announcements. Your ruling planet Venus entering earthy Capricorn on the 5th will have you wanting to take care of yourself.  The partial lunar eclipse full moon in Taurus on the 19th will be a bit draining physically and mentally so just relax. If you feel stuck, things should feel more progressive after the 19th. You may feel like turning a new leaf with new habits or escaping duties. Be careful not to run away from anything.

Excitement abounds as you get ready for the holidays! Now is the best time to prepare. With a reserved and responsible mindset, gift shopping is best done at the beginning of the month so you can put all your energy towards socializing and celebrations. Get those unfinished tasks crossed off your list so you can check out and enjoy connecting with loved ones at the end of the month. Your ruling planet of Mercury in Scorpio on the 5th moving into Sagittarius on the 24th promotes straightforward thinking. You won’t be afraid to tell it like it is while also considering all sides and staying non-biased.

Mars in Scorpio this month helps you flow with ease as you pursue your goals persistently and energetically. Relationships are in harmony especially around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th as you make plans and share gratitude with those that are close. Don’t bite off more than you can chew this month by overcommitting. Although you may initially be excited about absorbing the workload, try not to let unfinished business get in the way of having a good time. Ask for help and coordinate with others in advance to make sure you don’t have to pick up slack. 

This month there will be lots of attention on gatherings, visits, and phone calls. You’ll naturally provide a source of love and joy for those around you. Be careful of overextending yourself, take this Scorpio season to relax and recharge. You may feel a bit fatigued leading up to the Sun moving into Sagittarius on the 21st. Feeling the stress of the end of the year nearing may have you a bit overwhelmed but crossing things off your to-do list now will help! Don’t worry about slowing your pace, everybody needs time to recalibrate. 

As Venus shifts into the earthy energy of Capricorn on the 5th, you’ll be getting noticed with the appreciation you deserve this month. With your ruling planet Mercury direct moving into Scorpio, your mind is sharp and your analyses will be on point as you’re able to cut through the fluff. Others will take you more seriously and you may rise as a mentor for those around you. Spend quality time cherishing those you love. You’ll easily find the words to help comfort and make them feel special.   

You’re still riding a high from your birthday season last month which may have caused some indulgent spending. In the beginning of the month around the Scorpio new moon on the 4th you may receive a surprise gift, win, or reimbursement. Try to stay on budget so you can finish the year with less financial stress. This month brings drama but you don’t mind, it’s one of your favorite things to consider every side to the story. You’ll be able to settle any disagreements and those you assist will be very grateful.