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The full moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd and the heat of summer has you feeling restless. You lose interest in the mundane. Although you’ll have plenty of imagination and originality this month, you may feel trapped by your routine. Work seems to drag on and it feels like there are a lot of unfinished projects. It’s a great idea to take a vacay to hold you over until the holidays. Lean on outings with friends to keep your stress at bay and cheer you up. You would also find joy revisiting a hobby that you haven’t practiced in a while. As long as you find things to keep life interesting and stay busy, you’ll get through it without being too stressed or grumpy. 

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This month may feel like a struggle, but you’ve got the determination to get through it. Don’t be surprised if you are caught with a negative attitude. You’re feeling a bit bummed and you may notice old blockages to your happiness arising. Pay attention to these repetitive mental traps. Instead of letting it irritate you, it’s time to let things go, change your mindset, and look at life through a new lens without old baggage weighing you down. Stay grateful and focus on yourself as you may be prone to jealousy if you are distracted by others flexing on the gram.

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This is your month to shine Gemini! Your mind is sharp and you’re feeling entertaining, especially as Mercury moves into Gemini on the 11th. Your communication skills are verbal gold and will bring you a lot of success and admiration. Paired with an enhanced ease and desire to learn new things, it’s an ideal time to ask for a raise or what you want from something. Everyone will enjoy your witty banter and your superiors will be tuned into what you have to say. The new moon in Gemini on the 17th provides strong energy for reflecting on how these skills can be used to your advantage to start fresh with any new goals you might have for the upcoming year.

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Embrace the love this month Cancer. You are more confident and attractive than usual, recieving lots of positive attention. This is an opportunity to establish new relationships or become extra caring and tender in already established ones. You’re really feeling yourself which makes it easier to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things. It’s best to lay low at work and enjoy sharing your playful, caring nature elsewhere since it’s likely you could be overlooked for your contributions or taken advantage of. Be cautious of unpredictable emotions, just be sure to put yourself out there when you’re up for it!

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Passion fills your interactions this month. Whether infuriating or invigorating, you’ll have strong emotional outbursts. Thanks to Mars in Leo and the full moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd, you’re fired up! It will be hard to stay calm at times and this may cause frequent quarrels. Try not to take things too personally and embrace flexibility as you can be quite stubborn at times. On the flip side, you’ll have an abundance of energy and stamina that would be wisely directed towards sports and hobbies. It’s also a great time to learn something new. You will want to stay busy with activities to avoid feeling restless.

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Give yourself a break this month Virgo. You’re feeling stagnant and being hard on yourself won’t make anything better. You could be feeling like you’re not progressing which causes some depression and negativity. This could bleed into your relationships and work, making people want to distance themselves from you. Although you try your best to snap out of it, you may not be able to. Just know it’s a phase and working through this negative outlook can be considered its own form of progress. Don’t take your mental restlessness out on others. Spend time in nature to reconnect with your less critical self.  

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You need a lot of reassurance this month and may deal with a lot of anxiety. Don’t be afraid to ask for words of affirmation or a warm embrace from friends and loved ones. You’re feeling uncertain and this nervousness causes difficulty concentrating. Time management may not come as easily to you as it has in the past. It’s ok if you don’t get everything done on time. Things you’ve been putting off are causing stress that make you seem emotionally unbalanced. Try not to be too needy of your support team without showing appreciation. They’ll help you get through it.

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Overall, you’ll be very confident and self assured with lots of mental and physical energy. You will feel deeply spiritually connected and it’s an ideal time to study a new practice or enroll in a workshop. Be cautious with your reactions as you will have very strong emotions this month, Scorpio. Try not to let them influence everything around you as you may find yourself taking every little thing personally. Focus on the little things that bring you joy everyday to avoid getting overwhelmed on an emotional roller coaster. Spending time in nature camping and stargazing would be a healing way to keep yourself in check. 

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It’s a great time to start fresh and let the past go especially with the Sagittarius full moon on the 3rd. Use this energy to sort through any mental or physical clutter preventing you from moving forward. There may even be a special person that shows up in your life for a specific purpose if you make space for them. This could be someone you will look up to or want to learn from. Although you are feeling hyped up from all the fiery energy in the air, it’s important that you don’t overexert yourself. Take time to both play and rest to avoid any future burn out.

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You will be very fortunate this month, especially with making new connections that may even lead you to your soulmate. You may be craving a long term relationship or feel especially connected to your current partner. You are on your game with flirty banter that comes with ease and an impressive confidence that attracts people you never thought would look your way. Alternatively, if you have a serious relationship or a family, you’ll find yourself in a surprisingly helpful and supportive mood that draws your loved ones to you. It would be a great time to reconnect with old friends that you haven’t had time for. Everyone will find you naturally impressive so use it to your advantage! 

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Enjoy the carefree feeling of Summer. You are spontaneous and able to flow in the present moment. Life feels invigorating and you’ll enjoy a lot of socializing. Let the events come to you, the less you plan the more you’ll get out of it. It feels like you bring the party as others are easily captivated by your snarky humor and sex appeal. It will be very easy for you to get anything you want but don’t misuse your power. It can be unfair to others and you may hurt some people in the process. Definitely let loose but consider everyone else’s feelings if things feel too easy. 

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Go with the flow this month and you won’t have any problems. You’re really good at doing what you feel at any given moment so just follow your impulses. You may experience some big fateful transitions this month, the stars predict a lot of change for you which could be for the better or worse but will change your life forever. It might be your career or a surprising opportunity presented by someone that you know. Take it as it comes, tell it like it is, and things will come easy to you. Enjoy this increased confidence and don’t hold yourself back! 

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