"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." ~Aristotle

Welcome to Starborn Patterns, dream child of Jonathon and Margaux Starborn.  We strive to support humanity in understanding all layers surrounding an individual's unique personal purpose in life.  Because we believe self awareness and loving oneself is the first step to leading a fulfilling life, it brings us great joy to introduce Starborn Patterns to the world.  

As creative adventurous spirits, Jonathon and I love to travel and explore to the end of the earth for inspiration that will connect with our customers allowing them to express their astrological influences.  After falling in love and supporting one another to explore the boundaries of our souls, we decided to pursue our shared passion of celebrating the self.  We are so grateful to have manifested a way to work together helping the world's people better know and express themselves.  As mystical scorpios, we cherish discovering and sharing magic found in nature, at festivals, around different cultures, and most importantly from within.  We hope you are able to experience that magic when purchasing our products and cherishing them forever.     

So, let us thank you for taking this journey for yourself.  Understanding how to better fulfill one's potential is a difficultly beautiful thing.  We wish you good fortune in all that comes of this investment!  

Any purchase of our product packages will not only support One Tree Planted,  but it also helps us live our dreams.  These involve kayaking, saving Korean meat farm dogs (Love My Jindo), rock climbing, foraging for natural treasures, scuba diving, painting, crystal mining, yoga, journaling, getting low at bass music festivals, hot springs hunting, backpacking, mycology, off roading in our FJ Cruiser, celebrating different cultures around the World, and our love of mystic arts.    

Take a beautiful journey with us towards expressing your higher self!  

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