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This May brings a time of connection and as the weather warms you’ll find yourself being more extroverted wanting to spend time frolicking with others. You have a hard time focusing at work. Although you are lacking discipline this month, your impulsive nature will take you places if you follow your intuition. Mars moving into Leo on the 20th really gives you a boost of energy towards your goals. For best results, follow your heart and do what feels right in every moment. Don’t try to fight it or you’ll be left unsatisfied.

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Things may start out feeling off as Mercury is retrograde in Taurus until the 14th of May but when Jupiter moves into Taurus on the 16th, luck will be flowing your way. It’s a great time to assess what’s important to you and align your life with these values. You will want to think about what makes you feel safe and secure. Incorporate these into your goals for the next year on May 19th when there is a new moon in Taurus. Your confidence is high and you can use this to tackle any projects that you’ve dragged your feet on.

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As we get more grounded this month, your moods stabilize and things seem a lot less dramatic. It is a good time to find common ground with people that have kept their distance from you if you feel the desire to mend past relationships. It may be easier for you to empathize with those you have hurt in the past and you will be able to adjust your approach depending on their needs. Overall, you may find it easy to overindulge. When the Sun enters Gemini on the 21st, your mind is on point and ready for creative exploration.

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When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, emotions will be hard to keep in. Relationship issues that may have been building rise to the surface and although you won’t want to force a solution right now, be cautious that you aren’t just sweeping things under the rug again. Suppressed feelings tend to lead to passive aggressive anger and resentment. Start with small changes to make things better. Venus in Cancer is also a period of enhanced creativity and imagination so it’s a great time to dream about your fantasy life before setting goals when Cancer season comes around. 

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Family comes first this month as Leo’s are focused on the relationships that matter most to them. It’s a time of peace and you’re able to provide a solid foundation of fun and activity for those privileged enough to know you on a deeper level. You may even get surprising news related to marriage or pregnancy. Especially when Mars moves into Leo on the 20th, you feel outgoing and energetic. Although you may prefer outdoor activities to work or school, things go well for you and it’s easy to take care of your responsibilities.

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This month might not be easy for you, Virgo. There will be obstacles at work that distract you from your usual high performance output. Exercise your patience and you will gain valuable experience for the future. Push yourself to share what’s on your mind but be cautious of how and when you do so. Wait until Mercury moves direct in Taurus after the 14th to make any moves and speak up. Try to keep the eye rolls to yourself. Treat everyone carefully as Venus is in Cancer starting May 7th, making those around you extra sensitive. 

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Your charisma is strong and you’re able to charm your way out of anything. It’s a great time for sleepless nights chatting about life and exploring endless possibilities. Passion flows your way whether you’re single or not. You will feel the pull of many sparks whether they are creating new life in your relationship or bringing new people into your life. Either way, you are feeling it! Things are easy and life is prosperous. There isn’t anything that you feel is lacking, in fact you’re feeling quite fulfilled.

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You are feeling more aligned this month. With the full moon in Scorpio on May 5th, start off with a focus on healing and renewal. Take time to separate yourself from anything holding you back. Overall, you will be happy to focus on the present moment as it’s an easy month and problems don’t get in the way. With Venus in watery Cancer on the 7th, you are quite lovable which bodes well for those who are single or in a relationship. It’s a great time to put yourself out there and meet new contenders or enjoy things with your boo.

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Personal growth is on the horizon as this month pushes you outside of your comfort zone. With Venus in Cancer on the 7th, you are feeling more emotional than usual especially as it relates to your relationships. Let these emotions flow and observe them carefully before using how you feel to influence your priorities and goals. You are motivated to explore mental stimulation this month whether that be with others or learning a new skill. You may find yourself with higher expectations than usual which should help you calibrate to what you want for your future.  

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Capricorns are focused on their goals this month. Your ambition is strong and you manage to excel at anything you put your mind to. Although you may come across as self centered, others have a difficult time understanding the intense concentration that you have for managing your goals. You may be overly hard on yourself and won’t respond to criticism very well. You won’t want to make time for others’ opinions. Since this month brings a lot of natural success, it is beneficial to avoid drama and stay to yourself. You have a lot of excess physical and mental energy so use it wisely!

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You are in a good place but your wandering mind may convince you otherwise. There may be a choice that you have to make to find happiness. Questioning thoughts arise and it’s easy to compare past relationships to where you are now. You’ll have to find ways to turn your thoughts off. Being around other people to help you work through your thoughts will make you feel better about the past. Although your relationships may seem a bit chaotic and unpredictable right now, don’t make any drastic decisions you may regret.

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Love is in the air and you are feeling a lot of tenderness and affection for everyone you connect with. You are a giver and generosity feels really good this month. In fact, helping others is beneficial for you to work out your own thoughts. You have extra compassion for everyone and their personal situations so you will provide support to those who need it. People will automatically feel safe around you making it a great time to put yourself out there and to meet new friends.

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