July 2022 Horoscopes

Cancers feel right at home in July as Mercury and Venus move into the sign on the 4th and 17th, respectively. Things will flow easily and you find yourself with a lot of confidence as well as both physical and mental strength! This allows you to handle a lot at once which will come in handy in your household caring for loved ones and issuing advice to friends. This month, you have a lot of energy and may even become a bit restless with a big appetite for learning new things and sharing all that you are with those you love. Enjoy the rest of your season with something that will keep you calm when you’re feeling overly activated like a nice bath or spending time at the beach. 

Bring on that main character energy, it’s Leo season on the 22nd! You may feel a bit more grounded than you have in you past birthday seasons, especially due to Mars in Taurus which slows things down but keeps you level headed. This is helpful for offsetting your tendency towards overconfidence. Don’t worry, you’re still feeling yourself and all the love your friends and family shower on you for being the star of the show. You’ll especially shine in communication when Mercury enters Leo on the 19th, adding a touch of performative energy in all that you do. Get weird with it and treat yourself!

Enjoy a well deserved ego boost this July as your self confidence soars. You will be convinced that you are the best and do your best in everything! The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th will bring you lots of recognition for your efforts as you work towards your goals. Be cautious of coming across as arrogant, remember there’s always room for improvement even though you are technically perfect. It may not be easy for you to connect with new people as you’ll tend to be overly judgmental and disapprove of those around you. 

Life feels easier as you succeed at work without much effort. Let the stress melt away. Embrace a happy balance between your obligations and play time allowing you to spend more time enjoying the things you love. Your back may be aching from improper posture and stress so prioritize your self care while you can. You find time to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while deepening connections that soothe your soul. Everything will be calm and go smoothly even if you feel a bit extra emotional especially around the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th. 

Change is in the air as you transform yourself and refresh your identity as you so often do. You will feel like you’ve been reborn, making positive lifestyle changes and perhaps even joining a new community. Be social, new connections will bring you opportunity to explore. Those who are close to you may feel left out so try to ease them into this new you. Be cautious of how you communicate which can sometimes come across as having an attitude. If challenged, you may stand up for yourself and say hurtful things you should keep to yourself.

Success comes your way this month as you come up with new ideas and persevere through demanding times. Now is the time to follow your goals as your efforts will multiply. Your confidence is glowing and people around you notice that you’re killing it. Leo energy can make you come across as pretentious to some. You’re also feeling a bit stubborn which may equate to being bossy, especially with family or your children if you have them. Try to keep yourself in check if you care about how you make others feel, or don’t and do you!

You may find yourself knee deep in troubles that you thought were previously solved, especially when it comes to your family dynamic. Take these resurfacing issues as a challenge, you know you can overcome any obstacle. Try not to let it take over your life because that’s when you become pushy which causes people to distance themselves. Instead, distract yourself with sports and work which will be especially fruitful around the Capricorn full moon on the 13th. Investing in self development will keep you distracted and satisfied enough to find inner peace. 

You’re fired up and ready for adventure this month Aquarius! The excitable energy that flows through you is unmatched and you have lots of drive for activities. This energy may come across as being all over the place but that’s just how you are. With Mars powering you, there’s nothing you can’t do however those around you may find you too impulsive and restless to enjoy being around. We recommend slowing down a bit as others will have a hard time keeping up with you.

This month, you’ll be feeling quite emotional especially as Mercury and Venus move into Cancer on the 4th and 17th. This may cause abrasive situations with others. It will be hard for you not to take the actions of those around you personally. Try to keep opinions to yourself and enjoy some alone time exploring the creative energy of upcoming Leo season. Your intuition is strong so you’ll pick up on things you may not have before. Even something small may drive you nuts. Taking care of animals and spending time in nature will help you find inner peace.

Your time is now with many planets in your sign making it feel like you were born for this. You’ll get plenty of positive attention this month as Leo energy helps you take the stage, standing out at social events with self confidence and positivity. Towards the end of the month, you may find yourself working through some internal battles as Chiron stations retrograde in Aries on the 19th and Jupiter on the 28th. Not to worry, this will only make you even stronger in the end.

Step into your harmony as Mars moves into Taurus on the 4th of July, increasing your stamina, passion, and long term strategizing. Things feel comfortable and you are in your happy place. The upcoming Cancer energy creates an empathetic warmth in your typically practical approach especially when Mercury enters Cancer on the 4th and Venus on the 17th. You are feeling the love whether it be romantic or familial. Be careful of indulging too much, we know it’s your favorite thing to do. Ultimately, you’ll have a lot of energy this month!

Gemini makes lots of good connections this month and if you’re single, attracts the attention of many suitors. You may even cross paths with someone that’s fated as a long term partner! For those in a romantic relationship(s) this could manifest as positive attention from coworkers and new professional contacts. Try not to overthink things and let this boost of confidence get to your head, you may try to take on something that is beyond your current capabilities. Enjoy seeing your creative and social energy reach new heights as we enter Leo season.