January 2022 Horoscopes


Generosity defines you over these last few months and your acts of kindness make you feel really good about yourself.  Enjoy this boost of confidence while the Sun is in your sign.  The new moon on January 2nd is a great day to evaluate your goals whereas the full moon in Cancer on the 18th will likely cause lots of unnecessary emotions.  Take it easy and lay low on the 18th when the full moon energy is paired with Uranus stationing direct. 

January is a great month for you to focus on self exploration and develop the skills you need to reach your highest potential.  With Mercury moving into Aquarius on the 1st, your mental game is sharp paired with the new moon on the 2nd makes it a great time to plan for the future.  You’ll feel very positive and optimistic all month long with increased intuition towards helpful information or even epiphanies.  Be careful you don’t overextend your energy as you may find yourself wanting to appease everyone around you. 

This month may feel a bit stressful but you easily navigate it with grace if you maintain an optimistic outlook.  Relationships and responsibilities likely go through a positive development.  Try to stay polite and sensitive to those around you when communicating and you’ll make it through Mercury stationing retrograde on the 14th without any quarrels.  Let enhanced intuition thanks to Neptune in Pisces guide you with increased flexibility in recognizing and fulfilling the needs of others. 

As the new year begins there are many things to look forward to including expanding your network and future opportunities to express yourself.  Be particularly aware of how you communicate this month.  Not only do we have Mercury stationing retrograde on the 14th, but Mars in Sagittarius until the 24th will emphasize your bold approach to problem solving.  While Venus is retrograde in your solar 10th house until January 29th, you will likely find yourself considering your career goals and preferences to prepare for success you would like to manifest in the next year. 

Uranus the planet of surprise and awakening stations direct in Taurus on the 18th shaking things up to align you with the opportunity to reach goals that may have been on hold since August.  This transition may even bring some spontaneity to your typically dependable patterns.  It may feel a bit chaotic since your old ways are being revised.  As your ruling planet Venus stations direct at the end of the month, it will be a great time to analyze past relationships or comforts.    

Reflecting on the last year, you probably experienced some changes in your routine and stability in which you were the main character of several dramatic, shifting sagas.  It’s important for you to regroup and strategize behind the scenes this month.  With your ruling planet Mercury moving into the airy sign of Aquarius before it goes retrograde on the 14th, you may be feeling all over the place.  When the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, it’ll give you a blast of enthusiastic energy to move forward! 

January has many transits that may cause you emotional inner turmoil.  Specifically, the retrograde periods of Venus and Mercury this month will create strong emotions that you may have trouble expressing.  Try to take time to really understand the cause of these feelings instead of getting caught up in the details.  The full moon in Cancer on the 17th will be a great time to focus on your drive to succeed but be careful that this intensity of ambition doesn’t turn into arrogance and conflict.  Don’t worry, everything will improve when the Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th when things start to feel lighter.  

If you’ve been feeling stuck at work since the Summer, Uranus moving direct on the 18th will help shake up any stagnant energy.  With so many planets in fixed signs, you may find yourself particularly stubborn which can come off as arrogance.  This hubris is accentuated when Mercury stations retrograde on the 14th, which may cause miscommunications in which you’re misunderstood.  It is a good time to evaluate whether excess pride may be causing problems in your life.  

Use the new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd to set goals and intentions for the new year.  You will be feeling the love this month Virgo!  Your fifth solar house of romance gets fired up with action from Venus and Pluto, creating magical moments of intimacy.  However, Venus retrograde may have you reviewing the past with your partner.  Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 14th meaning you should take caution with negotiations and pause finalizing any contracts during this time. 

Things are starting to smooth out as you create a solid foundation for the year ahead.  Residual feelings from the instability of last year could still be floating around.  You may have emotional baggage to clear up around the home and family.  Take some time to focus on open communication with loved ones to clear the air.  It will be easier to move forward when your ruling planet Venus moves direct on the 29th.  

You’ll get a lot of positive attention this month as compliments and invitations are sent your way.  The new moon on the 2nd creates opportunity to build a foundation for your long term plans this year.  Especially with Uranus moving direct on the 18th in your solar 7th house of partnership, matters affecting collaborators may be cast in a new light.  However, Mercury retrograde square your sun sign will likely cause miscommunications in which you find it difficult to express your feelings.  You may become easily frustrated when people fail to understand you, but try your best to act with patience.  

The transits of Mercury in the beginning of the month help you hone your mental acuity to absorb lots of juicy knowledge.  Use this to your advantage to learn as much as you can during this time until Mercury stations retrograde on the 14th.  Your productivity is high while Mars is in your sign until the 24th and you’ll likely feel a boost of assertiveness.  This, combined with the aspect of Venus, increases your charm and influential appeal.  Overall, things will feel fun and flirty.  Just remember to avoid burnout and take a breather when you need it.