February 2023 Horoscopes

This month feels really good as you’re in your element until the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th. You feel everything more intensely. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11th which will enhance your ability to connect with others. Overall, thanks to Venus in Pisces until the 20th, you are caring, affectionate, and passionate. Try not to spread your attention around too much if you’re in a relationship. Your partner may get jealous because everyone wants to enjoy your charm! Spending will be an issue and it will help to exercise some self-control to avoid financial trouble. 

As Pisces season hits on the 18th, you’ll be feeling everything more intensely than usual. Your intuition is strong and you will be very empathic and observant. It’s a great time to recalibrate your goals during the new moon in Pisces on the 19th. Use the energy of the new moon to focus on our dreams and wishes, and use your imagination to manifest them. It’s important to take care of your health this month like improving your sleeping and eating habits. Try to skip a few nights out on the town to rest and relax. 

The year is off to a powerful start so far, but things seem to slow down for you as move into watery, emotional Pisces. You’ll be feeling very empathetic in comparison to your usual self-focused demeanor. It will be easier for you to compassionately listen to others and seek to understand them. When Venus enters Aries on the night of the 19th you’ll be fired up to make bold moves which may bring out a more aggressive side to romance. You might get the courage to ask that love interest out or confront a current romantic partner. Just be cautious of unnecessary drama and conflict. 

Thanks to all the career focused earth energy in the beginning of the month, Taurus is not messing around! You are full of innovative ideas that will take you places when combined with your natural qualities of persistence and determination. You’ll be fulfilled by work and even find yourself thinking about it at home. Just make sure you don’t overwork yourself! Your friends are eager to spend time with you this month so don’t turn them down for your responsibilities. You will have a lot of energy so it should be easy to find time for it all. 

This month, Geminis might be a little grumpy and will likely feel unsettled. You may not be in the best mood because you won’t have enough time for hobbies and friends. Mars in Gemini will inspire a longing for information that is hard to prioritize over work responsibilities. Your mind is sharp and your arguments are on point allowing you to solve problems that may have been difficult before. Just be sure to use these powers for good so you don’t hurt the ones you love. When stressed, be cautious of turning to sarcasm and tartness as a defense mechanism. Take time to yourself to work through your feelings and stay positive.

February brings a wave of creative energy that will enliven your work and personal life with a fresh identity. Enjoy increased confidence to speak your mind and use your improved self esteem to express yourself with a new look or home décor. Sparks will fly in your relationships and you are feeling in tune with those around you. Success comes easily but it also brings more responsibility. As Pisces season begins on February 18th, it’ll feel like everything flows naturally to you. It’s a great time to use the positivity of this prosperous period to set goals and intentions, especially on the 19th for the Pisces New Moon. Since you’re having a great month you deserve to treat yourself with something extra special.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like taking a break from social events this month, Leo. It’s a very creative time for you where ideas are flowing but you’ll find yourself wanting to be more introverted. It’s ok for you to focus on yourself, especially when you typically give so much to others. If you feel like taking a risk, consider all the pros and cons wisely or there might be drastic consequences. The Full Moon in Leo on the 5th is a great time to let go of any doubts you have about yourself or the future. 

Virgos have to be considerate of how they treat others this month as quarrels will easily arise when anyone disagrees with them. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself rolling your eyes more than the usual. You’ll get along great with friends but will be feeling pretty independent and find yourself preferring to spend time alone. Coworkers and family may find you to be authoritative and potentially bossy. Remember, less is sometimes more. Just focus on yourself and take space when others are getting under your skin to avoid pointless conflicts.

You are feeling quite sassy this month, Libra! With Mercury moving into Aquarius on the 11th, and Mars in Gemini, has you all gassed up with sharp witty comebacks for everything. Be cautious of letting too much sarcasm out at work. In fact, you may be overwhelmed with work tasks that cause you extra stress and you may have trouble stopping yourself from snapping back with inappropriate responses. Keep yourself in check. Don’t worry, there will be a time where you can speak your mind when you aren’t so riled up. Just avoid any confrontations for now and you’ll be fine.

Your communication skills are on point and bring you significant success especially at work. Strong research skills paired with knowing exactly what to say will be recognized by the right people. Not only will your supervisor appreciate your work, but your coworkers will really enjoy working with you as well. They may even get a little jealous so try not to rub your advancement in their faces. This month is a great time to connect with your family or partner on a deeper level. If you have a partner, it’ll be easy to get along and you will be very supportive. 

Don’t be surprised if your relationships aren’t so smooth this month. There may be a situation that shows you who your real friends are. This will be painful for you but you will overcome sadness with inner strength and balance. Try to forgive when someone wrongs you to avoid feeling down. Spending time close to animals or in nature will also help heal you. Although it will hurt at first, it will give you space to focus on the people who really have your best interest at heart.

You are a popular friend this month and everyone will want a piece of you. Your communication is strong and others will feel comfortable asking your advice. Try not to let the problems of others tire you out. As we enter Pisces season this month moving from grounded, powerful Capricorn energy, you may notice that you have less energy. Give yourself some time to rest your mind and body. You may even need to take a day off of work to get away from your daily routine. Once you’ve recovered, you can get back to conquering the world!