August 2022 Horoscopes

A prosperous month is ahead of you, royal Leo. Everything goes well at work and home. Follow your instincts for an extra bit of luck. You are beaming with positive energy and others are drawn to you like a magnet. You’ll have several exclusive invites coming your way and it feels like everyone wants your attention. Don’t let this popularity go to your head or others may be envious of you and might make things difficult. When Venus enters Leo on the 11th, your romance and passion is bright with potential and you’ll want to pick someone to share this hot energy with. Thanks to this transit you'll enjoy your play time even more, be sure to have your partner lavish you with the affection you deserve. 

You will have lots of ups and downs this month that make you prone to mood swings. This won’t be much of a problem as long as you keep to yourself. You’ll be especially furious if someone crosses your personal boundaries. This may come from someone you thought you could safely keep at a distance, like an ex or toxic family member. It will be easy to stand up for yourself and you’ll brush it off as you so easily do with others’ opinions. If you need extra help dealing, go for a walk in nature to chill you out and let the negativity melt away. You can always distract yourself with work, which will be successful thanks to your ambition and drive.

You are a social butterfly this month, Libra! You’re feeling especially empathetic and that will attract friends and family to seeking your advice. Everyone will look to you for your invaluable guidance and ability to weigh the details of all sides in a situation. Hosting a dinner party would be a great activity to bring your people together and share your entertainment skills with them. Once Venus moves into Leo on the 11th, powerful emotions will arise towards a partner or potential. Although the passion is potent, you’ll find that these emotions may be conflicting at times causing indecision.

You are unstoppable Scorpio! Your drive and stubbornness allows you to achieve whatever you set your mind to. You’ll notice that you are particularly tenacious and rigid around the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 11th. This month you are so focused on your goals that it may rub others the wrong way. Stay flexible and compassionate when receiving how you make people feel, it’s no secret that you’re often misinterpreted. It might be difficult to relax until you reach a desired outcome. All your hard work will pay off, just try not to cause too much damage to your relationships in the process.

You are fueled by fiery energy and it’s a great month to explore your passions! When Venus enters Leo on the 11th, you’ll have some seriously potent sexual energy to play with. It’s a great time to take a vacation with a partner to play out your erotic desires. Try not to get tied down as you still want to prioritize your personal freedom. Although play is on your mind, don’t get too carried away. You also need to make sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle or it will catch up to later on in the year. 

Although you’re usually cool, calm, and collected, you’ll find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster this month. You may be extra demanding in your relationships requiring an exhausting amount of attention and doting by a partner or friends. Feelings of jealousy could creep in. Try to keep your needy emotions in check. It may not feel like it but the people that love you do the best they can, give them the benefit of the doubt. Work is not your main focus for once, so try and distract yourself with some fun recreational activities.

It may feel like you’re all over the place this month, Aquarius. Especially with the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th, you’ll feel like you aren’t where you’d like to be. Give yourself time to ground and prioritize so you can remain balanced. You are wild, restless, and unsettled with the nature of things that constantly weigh heavy on you. Although you welcome challenges, not overcoming these obstacles could put you in a depressive state because you’re being particularly hard on yourself. Sharing any insecurities with others will help provide relief from these negative thoughts about yourself.

August flows easily for you, Pisces. Social outings spent with friends and loved ones will keep you energized. Romantic vibes are high, thanks to Mars and Uranus in Taurus at the beginning of the month. You’re feeling especially playful and confident as stress is not an issue as much as it has been before. This is due to staying present and enjoying every moment as well as being more patient than usual. You are taking things less personally this month, objectifying situations as they arise. Enjoy this light feeling of lively self assuredness that everything is always working out for you in the end.

You may have been drowning in Cancer feels last month, but August is filled with fiery energy that will pump you up! It’s a great month to solve outstanding problems, as you’re more receptive than usual. Try not to think too far ahead, we know you’re eagerly looking forward to the future and restless to get there. When Venus moves into Leo on the 11th, sparks will fly in your relationships which can either make things feel like the honeymoon phase or as if a bomb has been dropped. If you don’t have a vacay planned for this month, try something spontaneous where you can get away.

Things continue to feel energized for you this month, Taurus. You’re full of passion and are feeling especially sociable. Instead of your typical reserved nature, you’ll even find yourself opening up to new connections. For long term success, it’s important to show these people who you really are, even if you’re feeling shy. You have a lot of energy and going outside of your comfort zone to try new things will end up giving you a confidence boost. Work may be challenging in the beginning of the month, peaking around the full moon in Aquarius on the 11th

Enjoy increased motivation and drive this month, especially as Mars enters Gemini on August 20th. It will feel like nothing can get in the way of you reaching your goals. Geminis will feel a lot of conflicting feelings in August and you’ll have to work to keep yourself in check. Make sure you’re not jumping to conclusions, especially when it comes to how others make you feel. Jealousy may arise and your rampant thoughts will keep you up at night. Try to stay above the drama by thinking rationally before acting impulsively and don’t let your feelings convince you otherwise.

Things get shaken up in August and you won’t feel as comfortable as you did in the previous month. Your temporary stubbornness and inflexibility may lead you away from taking good advice from those who are looking out for your best interest. Be cautious of a potential betrayal that will rock your world. Take time to recover and work through all your feelings around this tension. Try to work on forgiveness and move on with your life. You may be shopping for a home or working on home improvement projects this month that will work as a positive distraction.