October 2022 Sun Sign Horoscope 

October feels like a breath of fresh air as situations that have been put on hold finally change their course! Three planets station direct this month, including Saturn in Aquarius on the 22nd. This four month retrograde has caused us to reevaluate the structure of our lives. Now that it’s over and Mars is in Gemini, it’s a good time to make things happen! You’ll find that your coworkers and friends find you entertaining this month, but your boss might take this humor the wrong way. Just keep an eye on who is watching you and only share free time with those you trust. Try to stay under the radar as you sort things out for yourself.

November 2022 Sun Sign Horoscope 

Your thoughts are racing as the end of the year is catching up to you, Aquarius. You may find yourself distancing yourself from others to focus on your own feelings. Try not to brood over things too much, overthinking things and questioning your decisions will bring you down a rabbit hole of depression. Don’t focus on your problems or what you haven’t accomplished in 2022. When you’re down, you tend to compensate by making purchases so be cautious of unnecessary spending.  You should spend time with others not to vent but to remind yourself of the amazing support system you have.

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