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You are feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world this month, Aries! There is fresh Spring energy in the air giving you lots of vitality and stamina. With Mercury moving into Taurus on the 3rd, you’ll find it easier to follow through on some of the ideas that were sparked last month when Mercury was in Aries. Rational thinking comes more naturally at this time. You’ll have the capacity to define your goals and come up with a plan of achieving them. It’s a successful month in your personal and professional life as you continue to celebrate your season. With so much pumping you up, treat yourself to something you can use to wind down like a relaxing massage.

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With the feeling of Spring and contagious Aries vibes in the air, you have a lot more energy. It’s as if you’re waking up from a temporary hibernation and are back to your full strength. Thanks to Venus moving  into Gemini on the 10th, you may be surprise yourself by being more spontaneous, especially when it comes to socializing and your sexuality. Follow your intuition and enjoy all the opportunities that flow your way. The stars align offering a positive and easy month for you as we move into Taurus season on the 20th! Just try not to overindulge, as we know you can be prone to treating yourself.

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Venus moves into Gemini on the 10th so you will be seeking a lot of exciting new connections and social adventures this month. However, your moods will be all over the place and it might be best to take more time to yourself since you are often misunderstood. Be cautious of participating in communication habits that get you into trouble. Try to keep an open mind in accepting others’ perspectives, avoid arguing over the little things, and let go of the need to always have the last word.

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Cancers will be very emotionally charged this month. You will have to work hard on controlling your feelings before there are explosive outbursts that negatively affect your home and work life. Spend time around your closest friends and family, they have your back and understand your crabbiness. Be very intentional with how you express yourself and think before you speak. Embrace inner peace. With Mars in Cancer and springtime in full swing, you can also distract yourself with cleaning and organizing your space which will make you feel better. 

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You are feeling very playful and spontaneous this month thanks to Venus moving into social Gemini on the 10th. Don’t be surprised if this translates to the bedroom as your sexual needs are very strong. It’s a great time to meet people and experience the possibilities with new connections. If you have a partner, enjoy exploring new levels of intimacy with them to satiate your desires. You may be so focused on pleasure this month that you feel like abandoning your responsibilities. Try to take some time off so you can feel free without making a long term decision you may regret.

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As the days brighten up, you are feeling more positive than you’ve been in a while. You are able to handle your responsibilities with ease and enthusiasm. This month, intimacy becomes a strong desire and you will crave some TLC. It is possible that someone you instantly connect with comes into your life. Try not to let your fantasies get the best of you. Avoid creating an idea of who this person is before getting to know them or you may end up disappointed. Just focus on how great things are going for you and take things slow. Go with the flow and avoid overthinking things. 

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It’s a great month to continue working on your transformation and start speaking your new identity into existence. Your communication is on point and will give you the courage and confidence you need to express your ideal conditions at work and in relationships. Things feel like they are falling into place as opposed to the start of the year when they were more chaotic and you had less clarity on how to move forward. The full moon in Libra on April 5th encourages you to reconnect with your true desires and fine tune the necessary balance to incorporate those into your future plans.

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This month serves up an excess of energy with a side of emotional instability. Try to stay in control of your emotions or practice how to work with your moods. Think of different activities that help you when you feel a certain way so you have a plan if things come up unexpectedly. You may be prone to jealousy and vengeful behavior so think very carefully about your actions. The good news is that you’re feeling super fit and it’s a great time to invest your energy in a sport or activity for some positive endorphins. 

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As the seasons change, you have a lot of energy and are feeling adventurous! You’ll want to plan a lot of activities especially with family. You find it fun figuring out new or unique ways to connect and want to spend as much time with them as possible. You may randomly feel gloomy for no good reason. Doing things with  those you love should help cheer you up. Overall, you’re in good health, you have plenty to be grateful for, and you won’t be down for long so try not to dwell!

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You are back on the grind as Mercury enters Taurus on the 3rd, creating a methodical approach to problem solving. You find it easy to focus on the details of any projects at hand, making work very appealing this month. Don’t overdo it because although at first you may feel fine, spending all day and night working hard will cause the tiredness to hit later, slowing you down in the long run. Friends and family will be missing you so try to make time for them or plan a grand gesture to remind them that they are a priority.  

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You are hustling this month and everyone is noticing! Thanks to your assisting nature, many of your achievements not only cross goals off your list, but also help those around you. Your boss will be especially thrilled and it’s a good time to advocate for a raise, employee benefits, or upcoming vacation time off. Your effort and success will exceed your normal performance giving you a well deserved boost of self confidence as you even surprise yourself with your own achievements. Although you are determined and things are going great, you will feel quite impulsive.

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You will experience a refreshing desire for knowledge and have a sharp mind this month. You’ll notice that you have heightened creativity. If you’ve been wanting to learn a new skill or tackle a creative project, now is the time! Along with mental clarity, your communication is strong which can benefit your relationships in many ways. However, be cautious of using this to your advantage to manipulate the outcome of others with your advice. You should be fine as long as you have their best interest at heart, don’t push your opinion, and are considerate in your delivery. 

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