April 2022 Horoscopes

Aries energy sparkles this month thanks to the start of the astrological new year in your sign, the new moon in Aries on the 1st, and the beginning of Spring which brings a wave of excitable energy your way. It should be easy for you to improvise and still achieve your goals. This month feels highly motivated as if a dormant energy has been reawakened. Especially while Mercury is in your sign until the 10th of the month, new ideas come easily and spontaneously to you. It’s a perfect time to breath fresh energy into work or home as you’re in an efficient and organized mindset. You’re so on fire you’ll want to treat yourself to something special!

As your birthday season rolls around in bountiful and blooming Spring, you’ll be feeling ready to take on the world. Although you’re usually one to think things through before acting on them, this month feels spontaneously successful. Physically you have more strength and energy. With the help of Venus, you’re attracted to things that make your world look and feel good which makes it an ideal time to redecorate or go on a shopping spree. Relationships are infused with passion. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 30th of April in Taurus is especially helpful for reevaluating finances and investments. I recommend you go deep in your feels and reflect on all that you deserve this year to manifest your dreams!

Make sure to strap yourself in this month as your emotions take a wild roller coaster ride of ups and downs. You may find your mood especially stubborn as old conflicts arise and you find yourself arguing about the little things. Especially while Mars is in Aquarius until the 14th, you could find yourself sensitive to disrespect and injustice. Try to let it go. Personal relationships may be strained but you’re all good on the work front. As Mercury moves into Gemini on the 29th, your confident communication and engaging sense of humor make it easy to ride out strong feelings.

Cancers are prone to strong emotional outbursts in the month of April, especially highlighted by Mars moving to Pisces from April 14th to May 24th. Impulsively motivated with Mercury in Aries until April 10th, you may say or do things that spill out of you uncontrollably. Take time to center yourself and think before you speak. Focusing on inner peace and activities that enhance this like reading, exercise, and meditation can be helpful. If things get too overwhelming, take some deep breaths to realign with yourself and your goals.

With two new moons and the first Solar Eclipse of the year this month, Leos will experience a lot of freedom to make transitions and embrace change. Although you find yourself wanting to live life to the fullest, this may cause you to lose interest in previous obligations. A lack of inhibition allows you to saturate all that you do with immense passion, including your sex life. In fact, April awakens a considerable sexual appetite for Leos in which it’s easy to explore your fantasies. Just try not to prioritize intimacy too much and lose track of what really matters.

With Venus in emotionally thirsty Pisces from April 5th to May 2nd, you’ll feel yourself particularly needy especially when it comes to physical affection. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re craving love and feel yourself being clingy. You just need some extra TLC. There could be tension over wanting this attention right away but just try to enjoy the present moment and be grateful for what you have. Overall, you’ll feel quite positive and enthusiastic this month. Your responsibilities are handled with ease and a boss may communicate confidence in your abilities. Ride these feelings of strong motivation to keep you on your grind and feeling ahead of the game.

The new moon on the 1st at the beginning of the month creates harmony and significant improvement in your life. If you feel you’ve been taken advantage of lately, now is the time to stand up for yourself and dictate your ideal conditions, especially in the workplace. Your communication is rock solid this month and you find yourself drawn to either study or interact with those who speak a foreign language. This may even mean researching a future trip out of the country. Although you may have had a difficult start to the year, things are working out and it’s an ideal time to figure out how you want to move forward. Feel free to sit back and daydream about your future.

With an increase in impulsive energy this month, Scorpios may find themselves feeling emotionally instable but with an excess of stamina. You may not feel like yourself. Try not to let the little things bother you. You’ll also be very fit this month so using exercise to distract you from irritations is a solid solution as well. Both restless and proactive, think carefully about how you react to situations. To avoid being misunderstood, you may want to avoid reacting all together until this emotionally charged time passes. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th will be a perfect time to reset for the future.

If your spirit has been feeling restless, this month is exactly what you need to liven things up a bit! With two new moons ripe with fresh beginnings, you’ll find it’s an excellent time to realign your needs. You’re especially in tune to your parental instincts and it’s a beneficial time to spend with children and family. You have a lot of youthful physical energy to share with your or a friend’s children. However, you may find yourself getting down for no good reason this month. Let it pass, since it has no specific cause there isn’t a solution. 

All work and no play will have Capricorns feeling a type of way this month. Although you’re able to put your head down and focus on your career with ease, it will catch up with you if you don’t take care of yourself. Give yourself time to rest or the fatigue will hit you when it’s least welcome and you may experience migraines or back aches. Your focus should be saving not spending as it’s not the best time for financial investments. In true Capricorn fashion, although your main efforts are at work, you’ll still have a good amount of time for family and friends.

Full of lively energy for getting things done, you are determined to go above and beyond in reaching your goals. You’ll be very busy this month! Motivated by Mars in Aquarius until April 14th, it will be easy for you to stand out with a higher performance at work than you’ve shown in the past. Being recognized for your achievements increases your confidence. You’ll also be feeling quite impulsive which could cause problems in your relationships. Try to have patience for those that aren’t on your level or avoid them for the time being. Stay zen to avoid frustration while you’re waiting for someone to get back to you.

Feel the flow of knowledge as you’re able to easily absorb information and work things out this month. It’s an ideal time to learn something that’s been on your list for a while. Communication skills are on point as you’ll easily be able to speak your mind, however, take care not to damage relationships trying to get them to see the light. Focus on sharing truth in a gentle way. Your creative energy is also strong and ripe for trying something new. It’s a good idea to use this energy to make something special for those you love.