January 2023 Horoscopes

The new year comes easy as you continue to make actionable steps towards your goals. Nothing really rocks the boat for you this month. It’s easy to map out a plan for what you aim to achieve this year. You will have much luck and good fortune. With the power of the Sun in Capricorn on your side, you rise to the top as a leader and gain recognition for your strengths. Just try not to let leadership turn into control. Success will lie in coordinating everyone’s strengths to accomplish things as a team.

You will have a calm demeanor that helps you make decisions to move forward with month. You are detached from your thoughts which makes things easier for you, as you usually have stress from so many things running through your head at once. Your decision making is calculated, helping you commit to your goals and resolutions. This increases the trust that your friends and family members have in you. Venus in Aquarius from the 2nd to the 26th makes you very attractive to many people, especially because you’re so good at playing it cool.

After getting your social fix over the holidays, you are feeling in tune with your creativity this month and have a lot of new ideas. Don’t be afraid to put in your two cents! It’s a great time to use these imaginative solutions to benefit you at work as this will bring the recognition you deserve. Taking on new projects will fuel your excitement for the future and allow you to express your ingenuity. Don’t forget about your friends or partner and prioritize spending time together with them or they may hold resentment towards you.      

You made it through the holidays and feel rejuvenated by the fresh start of the new year, Aries! Your stamina is high and willpower strong which makes it a great start to the New Year, especially in getting what you want. It’s easy to focus on yourself and your goals but try not to be too self centered when you’re around others. Mars in Gemini is a double edged sword for you, fueling uncontrollable energy that will lead to increased passion, a sharp mind, and heightened eroticism, but also emotional instability. Be cautious of mood swing moments. 

Communication and organization are your strengths this month and if used wisely can bring you plenty of success. Uranus in Taurus brings about the potential for creative solutions that may surprise you and help expand your investments. You may have let things slip over the holidays and now is a great opportunity to do better. Whether you see it or not, you’ll gain powerful recognition that helps improve your status at work and home. Enjoy increased confidence but don’t let it get to your head or conflicts will likely arise. 

Bring on the transformation! With Mars in Gemini, you’re feeling determined and have a clear understanding of what you’d like to achieve this year. Spend time thinking about things that you’d like to let go of and leave in the past as your excitement about new goals will help you embrace valuable change. Your relationships may need some attention so try to revive them with one on one activities. You’ll rely on the people close to you to help you persevere in times of weakness and nurturing these connections will really pay off. 

This month feels good as the new year brings some personal changes in perspective that will help you feel more open. You may meet new people who influence a new outlook. Try not to let the pressure of the new year get to you, especially at work. You have to train people how to treat you so gather your courage and speak up if you feel taken advantage of to avoid a vicious cycle that will ware on you in the future. Enjoy time to yourself using your imagination and creativity to reset when reality gets stressful. 

Another month of success for you, Leo! You are feeling empowered and determined with the turn of the new year which makes you an unstoppable force. Your natural talent of articulation combined with your stubborn nature makes you a great debater which will pay off in negotiations at work. If you have any lingering problems, now is the time to focus on solving them. Just be careful that this dominance doesn’t overpower those you love and remember to be soft with them to avoid any explosions or arguments on the home front. 

This month brings conflicted feelings as you recover from the holidays. You are missing company and recognition but also needing space which may send mixed signals to your loved ones. It’s important that you express yourself and talk about things that may be bothering you, especially so you don’t push anyone away. Don’t worry about making final long term decisions, just find relief in getting your scattered emotions out on the table. Sometimes, it’s best just to do the least which we all know is hard for you. When you get in a bind, take space for yourself. Focusing on your health and fitness in the new year will give you the success you need to feel better.

Be cautious of intense emotions this month that may have you questioning what you’re doing with your life. It will take a while to work through these feelings so don’t make any impulsive decisions. This inner turmoil will cause mood swings that can feel overwhelming at times. Be gentle with yourself and try to control your emotions to avoid conflict. Take lots of breaks when you need them and do things that make you feel at peace. Don’t dwell on the past, especially with your partner, or you could experience many conflicts. 

Scorpios naturally embrace transformation, and as a result will be feeling refreshed and ready for the new year. You are driven, motivated, and have a lot of confidence to start things off right. Your mental clarity and strong foundation allow you to easily navigate important decisions at work and home. You are not phased by anything and will be in a generally good mood. You may have less energy than usual so take time to rest when you need to and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to overdo it. Just try to take it easy when you need to. 

You are restless and unfocused after a freedom filled holiday season. Lingering situations arise and distract you from your responsibilities. This could include ex-partners that you may have unresolved issues with. Take time to work through things that haven’t been addressed so you can move on and it doesn’t come up again. Don’t let old feelings keep you in the past or they will hold you back from a bright future. However, you will be very passionate and full of sexual energy. They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.