May 2022 Horoscopes

Confidence is high with the sun in your sign and it’s a great time to revisit anything you’ve been feeling stunted on. As you enjoy your comforts this month, you’ll also be challenged by the May 15 full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Don’t be surprised if you’re especially emotional and questioning your security during this transit. As Venus moves into Taurus on May 28th, you’ll be back to indulging in the luxuries that make you feel good especially when it comes to pleasure. You’ll want to treat yourself to the finer things in life and share that with those that you love.

As the weather warms and the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20th, you’re feeling more aligned with the world. Many social activities fill your schedule and there are lots of opportunities for you. Everyone seems open to exploring and sharing your curiosity. Be cautious of overspending and overindulging this month. With Venus in Aries from the 2nd to the 28th you may be very impulsive with your decisions and purchases. Try to slow down and really think things through so you don’t end up investing in people or things that won’t serve you in the future. 

You might feel a bit crabby this month thanks to Mercury Retrograde occurring on the 10th and Mars in Pisces until the 22nd. Be careful not to avoid problems by sweeping them under the rug. It may feel like you just can’t catch a break. You’ll be extra protective of those you love this month which could be misinterpreted. Try not to take things personally and remember you don’t have to fix everything at once but rather step by step. Take time to think through your next moves so you don’t act out impulsively.

Leos are feeling extra secure in their relationships this month especially when it comes to family. It’s an ideal time to spend with loved ones and if you don’t have a relationship yet, it’s the perfect time to meet others. You will tend to choose recreation over work and school, but you’ve been working so hard you deserve it. Thoughts of your future are highlighted around the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 15th. It’s a good time to review your current foundation for the kingdom you’re working towards building.

Virgos are inspired to hit the books this month and dive into studying something that’s been on the list for a while. Work may be challenging but learning something new could help! Luckily, your patience is strong and you’re able to handle any obstacles that come your way. Spending time outside is a great way to recalibrate if things seem overwhelming. Be cautious of how you communicate with others as Mercury Retrograde on the 10th can cause some issues. If you treat others carefully and take your time in choosing your approach you should be fine.

May is a powerful time for flirtatious Libras to turn up the charm and get out there. Your enchanting demeanor will attract partners who want to take care of you and make you happy. If you’re in a relationship it may feel like you are newly in love. It’s a good time to take a vacation, especially to breathe new romance into a stale relationship. Enjoy a boost of confidence that comes from being recognized by others. Be cautious of overindulging as Venus moves into Taurus on the 28th. You may want to set healthy boundaries regarding consumption and spending.

May is an easy month for you as ideas just come and other recognize your abilities. The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 15th may be quite emotional. It could bring up conflicting feelings of what you have vs. what you need to be stable and secure. As the sun moves into Gemini on the 21st, you’ll have lots of opportunities to put yourself out there. Be cautious of how you say what you want to communicate because tricky Mercury Retrograde will have the potential to cause misunderstandings. Overall, there will be no problems in May and you’ll be able to enjoy the present moment.

May is a powerful month of personal development as you reprioritize things. You’ll have a full schedule that keeps you busy full of new information and experiences that satiates your desire for spontaneity. Although you may come off as overly sensitive in some situations, make sure to give yourself time to work through the emotions as you strategize a conclusion. With Jupiter moving into fiery Aries on the 10th, your expectations of others can come across as unrealistic.

This May will be very successful for Capricorns that will be able to focus on staying in their productivity bubbles. You may come across as self-centered to others, but this keeps you away from unnecessary drama. It is likely that you achieve your goals swiftly with ease thanks to Mars in Aries. However, be cautious of how hard you are on yourself and staying too rigid in your beliefs. Try not to hold on to being right so you can consider the opinions of others. The energy of Gemini this month will have you bouncing around with excess energy.

Aquarians are up in the air this month working through conflicting feelings about the present in comparison to the past. Especially when it comes to relationships, you may be craving closure with an ex or can’t stop thinking about what went wrong. Stay away from the rabbit hole of the past and focus on the present. Life may feel like you’ve come to a crossroads but don’t feel like you have to choose which way to go just yet. You’ll want to make any long lasting decisions about your personal life after Mercury Retrograde ends next month.

You are a social butterfly this month as many flock to your natural charm and compassion. Your gift is making others feel safe with you. Helping others makes you feel good, and you will feel delighted to be there for them. Mercury Retrograde on the 10th may stunt family plans and decisions. Just take this time to act as a support system and everything will work itself out. You may have random emotions related to the past. Keep looking forward so you’re not distracted by what you can’t change. Instead, reflect on what these feelings of the past say about your current and future relationships.

This month, the planets Venus and Jupiter shift from dreamy Pisces into Aries, creating a fire that induces passion filled momentum towards your goals. Meeting new people comes easily this month and mingling connects you with many interesting influences. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll feel especially attached to your partner and if you’re single it’s a great time to put yourself out there. It may be hard to focus on work as the weather warms and you’re feeling more impulsive. Make sure to listen to what you need and take some time off if necessary.