August 2022 Sun Sign Horoscope 

You are a social butterfly this month, Libra! You’re feeling especially empathetic and that will attract friends and family to seeking your advice. Everyone will look to you for your invaluable guidance and ability to weigh the details of all sides in a situation. Hosting a dinner party would be a great activity to bring your people together and share your entertainment skills with them. Once Venus moves into Leo on the 11th, powerful emotions will arise towards a partner or potential. Although the passion is potent, you’ll find that these emotions may be conflicting at times causing indecision.

July 2022 Sun Sign Horoscope 

Life feels easier as you succeed at work without much effort. Let the stress melt away. Embrace a happy balance between your obligations and play time allowing you to spend more time enjoying the things you love. Your back may be aching from improper posture and stress so prioritize your self care while you can. You find time to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while deepening connections that soothe your soul. Everything will be calm and go smoothly even if you feel a bit extra emotional especially around the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th. 

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