Child Star Birth Chart Analysis Report

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Know what your little one needs before getting to know them with our Child Star Report; a birth chart analysis specifically designed to foreshadow the best approach to parenting for a developing young one.  Like the Astro Talk Report, this analysis includes planetary aspects and influences, challenges and abilities, major life period details, planetary and elemental balance describing which are in abundance vs.  which are lacking, and house activity for a detailed understanding of how best to raise your child based on the energy of the universe.  Help them realize their full potential with divine clues essential to providing the right nurturing environment, stimulation, and corrective measures so that they may grow and develop to be their best!  

  • Planetary aspects of natal chart explained in detail
  • Challenges and abilities reviewed for success in raising them right
  • Major life periods of important transitions
  • Elements and modalities that are dominant or recessive in the natal chart
  • House activities describing personality and character traits