Astrology goes much deeper than just your sun sign and your horoscope. Astrology is a self-help tool that consists of a whole world of planets, stars, points in the sky, asteroids, mathematical transits, and much much more. Increasing in popularity in the new age, it can be a guide through a journey towards your spiritual evolution, and gives you answers that you might be unable to find or make sense of through other sources and experiences. One of the best tools one can possess is knowing and understanding how to overcome your biggest challenges. Through the help of astrological reports, one can begin that journey toward self-discovery. At Starborn Patterns, we offer a variety of reports as tools to bring you insight into many aspects of your life.


What can astrology mean for you?


  1. Astrology increases self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-understanding


Awareness of oneself is essential to leading a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Having insight into how your personality works can help you make better-informed decisions when faced with specific situations and scenarios. Knowing what your bad habits and damaging behavioral patterns are, as well as your true talents and strengths, is a stepping stone to improving yourself. Astrology aids you in getting rid of what keeps you from growth and success. Astrology teaches that the areas in your life that are the most challenging and painful are the facilitators to your ultimate growth. Increased self-awareness leads to increased self-esteem and self-respect. Astrology shines a light onto the internal struggles that can be challenging to understand. Psychological traumas and early childhood experiences that affected you can also be pinpointed and can eventually lead to inner healing. It also makes you aware of the qualities and talents you possess that you wouldn't have been aware of or noticed previously. Over time, through astrology, one can truly learn to love and understand themselves on a divine level.


  1. It increases understanding and awareness of others


Astrology is a valuable tool to understand the inner world of the people in your life. Some people are expressive and upfront about their life and experiences, but some have a difficult time telling others what goes on in their minds. Natal Astrology is incredible in allowing you to be more understanding of other people, why they do things, and also to be more understanding of how to interact with them. When you are aware of the issues and challenges others go through it makes it easier to communicate with them and have healthier relationships. Having insight into a person's natal chart brings you a deep level of understanding toward who that person is, and what they go through. Synastry Astrology is an incredible tool to use to identify the intention of a relationship between you and another person and to see how you two tick. Significant differences between two individuals can be exposed through synastry reports, and awareness and understanding of these differences lead to eventually working through them together.


If you are starting a family, or have children, a Child Star Report can help you to have higher awareness and understanding of how to raise your children, and what their core needs are. You can also identify significant life periods in other people's or your children's charts, which can be a great tool toward having a more understanding relationship.


  1. Understanding astrological events can help you plan better.


The planets are always moving, and sometimes certain events such as Mercury Retrograde has a massive impact on the masses. Knowing when these events occur, and how they will be affecting you is beneficial when dealing with challenging times and times of crisis and confusion. A solar return chart can prepare you for upcoming challenges and significant life events and aid you in preparing for what is to come and to know how to deal with them. Significant periods of transformation and transitions can also be identified through Solar return charts. Astrology works like a weather forecast. It is not to say that the forecast will always be 100 % accurate and according to the weatherman's predictions, but if you know it is going to rain, you can bring an umbrella, and you are better prepared, and you will not get wet! If you know it is going to be a sunny day, you apply sunscreen and make frozen margaritas! Awareness of what is possibly to come assists in preparing yourself for it.


  1. It gives your life meaning and points you toward your destiny.


Astrology might not give you a clear cut answer to what is the meaning of your life, but it can assist in gaining a better idea as to why you are here. We all have a higher purpose, and astrology is a spiritual tool to see what the higher purpose of our soul is. Astrology uses the principle of reincarnation. A natal chart can give you insight into who you were in your past life, what you did, and what karma you accumulated back then and carry with you into this life. The majority of the challenges we experience is directly related to past life karma, and astrology guides you in working through and resolving this karma. The ultimate purpose of astrology is to lead a person to such a high level of awareness of themselves, that they learn how to clear out their past life karma and hardly create any in this life, leading them closer to their path of ascension. Astrology is a guide to learn to accept responsibility for the life lessons you have been given and to embark on these challenges without any fear, hesitance, or judgment.


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